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Price: $40 dollars or give me your empty 5lb co2 tank.


I am looking to sell about 10 culls from my current shrimp set up. In this tank I have mostly SS-SSS CRS/CBS which occasionally spit out lower grade shrimp. They are lower grade when compared to an SSS shrimp but they are still a decent grade when compared to most CRS/CBS. These culls will mostly be S grade v-bands and tiger tooth. When breeding, these will also spit out the occasional golden or snow white and you will definitely get all types babies ranging from S to SSS grades. These are very hardy and can be kept in various parameters as long as there are no extremes. I have no diseases. This is a cheap way for you to get some higher grades once they start having babies.

This is for pickup only in Greenwich CT. I live very close to the train and can meet you anywhere in downtown Greenwich during a weekend. I will not let you come to my apartment because most likely I do not know you so don't take it personally.

My parameters:
PH: 5.3 - 5.5
GH: 4-5
KH: 0
TDS: 155
Substrate: Akadama capped with ADA Amazonia and ADA Africana.

These will be very young and juveniles. They'll need a few months to start breeding. Sex is impossible to tell on these so it will be selected at random. You will receive more CRS than CBS just because I don't have that many CBS culls.

Pics taken with flash so not that great (each pic should have a lower grade shrimp in it to show you what you are receiving).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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