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I mistakingly bought an Intense Atomic Regulator directly from Korea that is designed for a W21.8-14 cylinder CO2 tank. There is not much about this if you read on plantedtank or google it. It's basically the same thing that GLA has going except it does not a have a depressing pin, which American paintball tanks usually need. There are paintball tanks out there that do not use a pin depressor and just have a valve, which is what I believe would work with this regulator.

I am very, very, very sad that this won't work with my current setup. The manufacturing quality on this regulator is remarkable. It is so many parts, it feels very solid. I'm sure that people with GLA regulators can speak for that. Once again, I have not even attempted to use this, the threading on it is completely virgin.

SO, I am willing to part with this guy for a solid $60 + $6 priority shipping with tracking. I am also interested in a good quality cannister filter and/or lily pipes if you want to trade. Please tell me that there is someone with a use for this out there. I am located in Central Illinois and am passing through Chicago and Michigan this weekend if you want to do it that way. Thanks.

The only reason I am not throwing this up on fleabay is because I don't want some poor sucker to not know what he is getting into.

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