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For sale, or for trade, is both Ammannia gracilis and Ludwigia Glandulosa.

The ludwigia is about 7 x 6" stems, and the Ammannia gracilis is 4 x 2" stems. Both have EXCELLENT/SUPERB roots, they were pulled up directly from the substrate.

Both plants get very very red if you dose iron and KH2PO4. Of course you will need CO2. Take a look below for pictures of the plants.

I don't really know how much to sell these two plants for, and would even like to trade them if possible for something other than plants. I have enough plants and cannot fit anymore at this time.

I am looking for cherry shrimp, or anything pressurized CO2 related.. or if you have anything else you think is worth trade that I could use for planted tank.

These plants are packaged and ready to go immediately from here at work.

Send me a PM.



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