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I have a 58 gallon Oceanic Reef Ready black trim tank and stand, Coralife dual T5 HO fixture, Mag 5 return pump, sump and Jager heater for sale. Currently set up as a planted tank with flourite substrate, but i have not dosed Excel in several months so there is algea. Fish include a marble angelfish, bleeding heart tetras, panda cories, amano shrimp, wild GBR's, an electric blue ram, cardnial tetras, breeding pair of albino plecos, and orange tetras I forgot the name of.

Asking $300 for the setup and will include whatever livestock is left for free.

Make on offer on fish, selling as wanted.

20 gallon Long Black Trim in perfect condition $15

29 gallon, same as above $30

Please contact me @ [email protected] as I am not on here often.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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