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First come first serve as of midnight 2/21/16. Anyone I have had conversations with already will have until midnight pacific time to respond.

Full breakdown - will ship smaller items - tank/filter/soil/stand are pick up only.

Pics of Items for sale are in my gallery under "for sale"

Deals for multiple item purchases.

-ADA 60P High Clarity 6mm All Glass Tank (24"L x 12"W x 14"H or 60x30x36cm)-$110
-ADA Garden Mat (same size as tank)- $13
-ADA 6mm Hang-on glass thermometer- $5
-glass drop checker (no suction cup) $5
-glass diffuser 3/4 diameter -$5
-ADA Aquasoil - 12 liters - Used-
-ADA Powersand Special - 2 liters - Used- under aqua soil as a base (NOTE: aquasoil and sand are mixed together after emptying tank) - soil/sand mix - $60
-Eheim 2215 filter with media (Substrat pro, ehfimech, coarse and 3 new extra fine filter pads), 13mm input and outputs, quick disconnects, also included are the original green inflow and outflows as well as the green hoses (none of original hoses or inflow/outflows has ever been used) -$100
-Finnex Ray II 24" 7000K Dual Daylight LED light fixture - silver housing $70
-Hydor 200w In-Line Heater with 1/2" connections - $35
-Lily Pipes -13mm- 3pcs- Glass - 1 set (inflow/outflow) violet glass style and 1 *OUTFLOW ONLY* poppy glass style $30/set $40/all - mix and match
-SOLD-Sieryu Stone - 20lbs - very nice sieryu stone in varying sizes - enough to make any style scape you choose - $40
-12" angled tweezers -$5
-various fertilizers - don't have weights- see pic for what ferts and size of pkg -$25/all or nothing
-Custom Aquarium Stand - Typical 30" Black Pine Stand for 29gal aquarium - made custom for 60P with pre-drilled top for filter hoses to pass through (keeps a nice clean look) - customized doors and hardware (original single door was cut down and turned into 2 smaller doors - 2 stainless steel handles and 4 new stainless steel hinges were added) $50
-Digital Timer - 8 outlet - 4 dedicated on all the time with 2 daytime 2 night time - fully programmable for 7 days with multiple on/off(s) per day - $15

Separately I'm selling a 55gal tank with stand and custom hood for $250. Pictured here. Buyer can have anything that's in the tank as well. 3" black gravel, heater (suction cups are gone), marine land 600 power head, driftwood, filter (Rena filstar xp3) it's got some miles on it but works fine. This tank is still running so I'd have to break it down but that can be done in a day if motivated to sell. Make me an offer.

PM me any requests and offers. Let's sell this stuff.


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