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#1) Bought these two items together, and never used them.
CO2 Kit comes w/ everything (tubing, bubble counter, diffuser, Bracket holder, Co2 cartridge -x1 88g, and regulator valve).
Hydra Aquatic CGA 320 adapter allows for use on a Paintball canister.

Update: 1/22/14: Adding in a free glass drop checker to this deal. Used, regular size. No solution included. I got two, but only need one- thats a partial shot of my 60P. The other one is too big for my Mini M. Great deal! :icon_wink
Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.41.56 PM.jpg

$70,+shipping (UPS ground shipping only- $$ depends on your location) for this combo. Not selling items individually- all go out the door together.
Current Retail: ~$75 & $16 + tax and shipping.
Paypal friendly! =)

PB reg.jpg
#2) *SOLD Used Paintball manual reg. used <2 months- got it 2nd hand.
Has needle valve and have extra tubing that I can kick in if you need it.
Sry pic is a bit dark. Thx!
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