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Hello! About a year ago I purchased all the gear I thought I would need to set up a high tech tank. But now, I've realized I'm not really into that scene. So, the CO2 set I have is brand new and unused. I'd prefer to get rid of it all together but I suppose I can distribute the parts.

Here we go:
1 - 20 oz paintball tank - $15
1 - Aquatek Co2 regulator with integrated solenoid - $80
1 - ADA Nature Aquarium Pollen Glass Beetle 30 - $100
1 - ADA Nature Aquarium Drop Checker - $50
1 - ADA CO2 tubing - $10

Currently I have a 5 gallon fluval spec and I'm looking to upgrade to a larger tank. Minimum 10 gallons and nothing above 29 or so. I'd like for it to include lights and a filter at least. But most importantly a good filter so I can just start setting it up. Yeah.

I live in San Pablo (aka in the East Bay).
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