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I paid ~250 +60 in duties. Plans fell apart and so it hasn't even been used yet.... is it of interest to anyone? It can be used for CO2 injection for a freshwater planted aquarium or a Calcium reactor in a saltwater application. Please pm me if it interests you and you want to make a reasonable offer - I'm hoping to get $170 for it.

I live in Winnipeg, MB. I would prefer not having to ship it - I've never shipped before and I don't want to worry about being scammed, but if someone is really interested I will figure it out.

Product description from website:

The problem of 'dumping' is completely eliminated with our regulator. Dumping is always a problem with (ALL OTHER) regulators which utilize a needle valve. Simply because, a needle valve relies on the pressure on both sides of it for it's accuracy. So, even though you have it set at a certain 'bubble rate', once the pressure in the cylinder (or the outside atmospheric pressure) changes, so will the amount of co2 that passes through the needle valve. This is why it is physically impossible for any and ALL other regulators that rely on a 'mechanical needle valve' to ever be consistent. Our regulator does not have a needle valve, but instead, it has an electronic valve that opens and closes in a fraction of a second, (each 'opening and closing' equates to a bubble) and, due to the fact that it is 'electronic' the 'bubble rate' can NEVER change, and, once it is set, it can never vary more than +/- 1/1,000=of a second.

-fully automatic
-fully electronic
-perfectly accurate (from 4 bubbles per second (240 per minute) down to 1 bubble per 10 seconds. (Count can NEVER vary more than 1/1000th of a second!)
-fully adjustable: you can adjust the 'bubbles per second' (or 'seconds per bubble') & size of the bubble (very tiny bubbles all the way up to very large bubbles)
-NO bubble counter (you count the LED light flashes instead of bubbles through a bubble counter)
-NO solenoid (that overheats and eventually fails)
-No needle valve (the 'timing of the "bubbles' is fully electronic) -Low voltage (12 volts & only draws .5 amps)
-3 year bumper to bumper warranty. (non transferrable/original purchaser)(after warranty expires, we will repair unit for $50 or less. Meaning, this is the "last" regulator you will ever have to buy.
-Yes, it can be controlled with all pH controllers (just like others with a solenoid...just plug it in to your pH controller)
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