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Taiwan Bees (Shipping Size : 1/3" - 1/2")
Blue Bolt Shrimp - Low Grade $7.00 each
Blue Bolt Shrimp - High Grade $20.00 each
Black Panda Shrimp $7.00 each
Black King Kong Shrimp $10.00 each
Wine Red Panda Shrimp $15.00 each

Cardina Shrimp (Shipping Size : 1/3" - 1/2")
Crystal Red Shrimp A-S $3.50 each 30+ $3.00 each
Crystal Red Shrimp SS $5.00 each 30+ $4.00 each
Crystal Red Shrimp SSS $6.00 each 30+ $5.00 each
Crystal Black Shrimp A-S $3.50 each 30+ $3.00 each
Crystal Black Shrimp SS $5.00 each
Crystal Black Shrimp SSS $6.00 each
Amano Shrimp $2.50 each

Neocardina Shrimp (Shipping Size : 1/2" - 1")
Fire Red Cherry Shrimp $3.00 each
Snowball Shrimp $3.00 each
Blue Velvet Shrimp $4.00 each
Bloody Mary Shrimp $5.00 each
Orange Shrimp $3.00 each
Yellow Shrimp $3.00 each
Chocolate Shrimp $5.00 each
Green Jade Shrimp $6.00 each
Blue Rili Shrimp $5.00 each
Orange Rili Shrimp $4.00 each
Red Rili Shrimp $3.00 each
Black Rili Shrimp $4.00 each
Golden Back Yellow Shrimp $4.00 each

Shrimp Food
Complete Mix $10.00 for 20 grams
Pumpkin $10.00 for 20 grams
Pure Veggy $5.00 for 20 grams
Grow $5.00 for 20 grams

Cholla Wood 6" $2.00 each, $8.00 per 5, $30.00 per 20
Stainless Steel Mesh T-316
Stainless Steel Mesh 2"x2" $0.60 each
Stainless Steel Mesh 3"x3" $1.25 each
Stainless Steel Mesh 3"x6" $2.25 each
Stainless Steel Mesh 6"x6" $4.00 each
Stainless Steel Mesh 6"x12" $7.00 each
Stainless Steel Mesh 12"x12" $12.00 each
If you want a size not listed here, please contact us.

USPS Priority Mail $7 - $20
USPS Express Mail $25 - $45
Insulation $2 each
We also offer combine shipping so let us know what else you want.

Live Arrival Guarantee 100%
Live Arrival Guarantee on EVERY order if the following conditions are met :
Package must be delivered on first delivery attempt.
A clear photo of unopened breather bag next to my shipping label within 2hours of delivery confirmation must be sent to my email
We will send replacement or offer store credit for the deceased shrimp.
Failure to do so voids Live Arrival Guarantee.

PM me if interested.

Taiwan Bees

Blue Bolt Shrimp - Low Grade

Blue Bolt Shrimp - High Grade

Black Panda Shrimp

Black King Kong Shrimp

Wine Red Panda Shrimp

Cardina Shrimp

Crystal Red Shrimp A-S

Crystal Red Shrimp SS

Crystal Red Shrimp SSS

Crystal Black Shrimp A-S

Crystal Black Shrimp SS

Crystal Black Shrimp SSS

Amano Shrimp

Neocardina Shrimp

Fire Red Shrimp

Snowball Shrimp

Blue Velvet Shrimp

Bloody Mary Shrimp

Orange Shrimp

Yellow Shrimp

Chocolate Shrimp

Green Jade Shrimp

Blue Rili Shrimp

Orange Rili Shrimp

Red Rili Shrimp

Black Rili Shrimp

Golden Back Yellow Shrimp

Shrimp Food

Complete Mix


Pure Veggy



Cholla Wood

Stainless Steel Mesh

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