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FS: Nano-fish

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Boraras merah (phoenix Rasbora): $3 ea.
Borara s maculatus (spotted Rasbora): $1.25 ea.
Boraras naevus (strawberry Rasbora): $3 ea.
Microdevario kubotai (neon green "Rasbora"): $3 ea.
Hara jerdoni (dwarf anchor catfish): $4 ea.
Danio nigrofasciata (dwarf spotted Danio): $3 ea.

All fish have been quarantined and treated with antibacterial/antiparasitic/dewormer medications.. Pickup at 11757 (Friday, Saturday) or 11224 (Sunday thru Thursday). PM me for pics.
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RE: dwarf anchor catfish

1) Captive bred or wild caught?

2) Any chance they will still be available by December 25th?
Hi. They are wild fish out of India. They should be available after Christmas but in case there's a rush on them, I can hold some for you. How many are you interested in?
Thank you for the kind offer. I was only interested if captive bred, however.
I'm not sure they are being bred in captivity on a commercial basis. Probably not as they are not a commercially valuable species. The only spawning that I know of occurred back in 2011 in a hobbyists' tank.
I'm definitely interested in those rasboras! Do you have Boraras brigittae by any chance?
I don't have brigittae at the moment. Probably not until January.

If you go to Nano-Fish , I have pics posted there.

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