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Everything is in good, used condition. I think it all works, but I tore down my 40gal setup several years ago, so sold as is. Most all parts are included. Some instruction manuals included, some missing. Most are in original boxes, some not.

Will split it up if you don't want everything. Thanks for looking, Rick

$100.00 for all. Pick up only in South Minneapolis.

Whisper Diatomic filter

Vortex Diatom filter

Vortex diatom filter powder

Grasslin Rondomatic 400 auto feeding system

Marineland Magnum 350 filter (convertible canister filter only)

Lots of tubing of various sizes and lengths

Marineland Penquin mini bio-filter

Second Nature Powerhead 640

Dupla CO2 reactor

5 gallon CO2 tank and valve w/ two guages

2 gallon CO2 tank

Rocks and driftwood

Two 10 pound pails of potassium sulfate - K2SO4

Three 10 pound pails of potassium nitrate - KNO3

Misc aquarium heaters, pumps, fish nets, valves, lots of accessories
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