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Hi everyone!!

Hope everyone's doing well! I will be replacing some plants in my 100 gallon this week, and they need to be sold to a new home! Here's what I have for sale:

-4x6 inch (approximation....probably more) of marselia quadrifolia (four-leaved clover); VERY NICE looking, dark green leaves, and submersed form....imagine dark green glosso, and this is what this quadrifolia looks like! NO ALGAE at all! Comes from my tank where it has been given over 7 watts/gallon, pressurized CO2, and plenty of ferts. Cost is $20 which includes shipping. Easily would cover the foreground of a 10 gallon tank! Beautiful plant that I hate to part with, but it does look a tad dwarfed-out in a 100 gallon tank! :proud:

If there is no interest in the big mat, I'll be willing to spit into two pieces, but prefer to sell the whole at we'll see! ;)

--Also, many many stems of hydrocotyle algae, very green with different lengths ranging from a few inches to eight inches in height. Pretty quick grower, but easy to trim to it isn't a nuisance plant. Cost will be $10 per big bunch, total of four big bunches and that includes shipping. If someone wants to buy multiple bunches, PM me and I'd be willing to make a deal. :proud:

That's all for now! PM me if you have any questions or have any interest. Please be patient; I have Mother's Day plans throug the weekend, but I will respond to any requests Saturday afternoon, Sunday late-morning, and Sunday night. I would like to ship plants by Monday or Tuesday.......

Thanks for lookin'!:D
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