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I'm hoping to sell the rest of my redclaw Macrobrachium shrimp. I gave the parents to a good friend in GWAPA recently only to find babies in the tank when I got home. The babies are now about 1/2" in size. I know I have at least 8 of them. I'm hoping to find someone who wants all of them (there could be a good deal more than 8) for $30.00 with shipping included. Being as it's rather cold outside I'll be sure to line the box with styrofoam so they stay warm. I also always use breather bags whenever possible (not all fauna can live in them) to insure safe arrival.

I'd recommend that they have a tank of at least 20 gallons with lots of hiding spots if you want most of them to survivie to adulthood as they'll fight for territory as they grow. Also, do not keep them with fish as they will nip at them. They will also eat smaller snails.

Here's a picture of a baby:

and here's a link to pictures of adults and information about these shrimp: -- All about shrimp
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