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6 stems of Ludwigai vertilicillata variety "tornado" "curly" 40$ shipped
Please note, people are selling this same plant on ebay for 40$ per STEM Look it up if you doubt me.
My plants are larger and often have side shoots or an extra stems.
I have at least 2 such batches.
Both sold

Ludwigia sphaerocarpa, a rare plant that generally only available from myself on a regular basis and then virtually no one else sells it submersed.
10-15$ per stem is a typical price. 4 stems for 35$ shipped

Blyxa japonica, maybe 30 stems or more. 25$ for the entire lot shipped(this requires a medium size box which means a 11$ ship cost).

Anubias petite, I have maybe 4-5 plants with say 10-15 leaves per plant, you get more than this typically. 30$ shipped
Anubias has been sold

I have this left only:

Hydrothrix gardneri: 10 stems for 30$ shipped. Likely will be more than 10 stems.

L. tornado:

Next week I likely will have more Staurogyne repens and a couple of batches perhaps of Ludwigia senegalensis
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