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Hello! I have a gallon size baggie of red worms for sale. Great for a garden, aquariums, potted plants, composting, emersed set-ups and lots more! I used these in my 15g emersed and they kept the substrate aerated so the soil didn't become stagnant. They get to be about 2"-3" and if you chop them up, they are perfect for acid loving fish. My chili rasbora's love them, my apistogramma loves them, my ember tetra loves them. They are just an all around great food.

One baggie is about 6 pounds, but most of that is dirt, so I would say there are around 2lb's of worms.

The red worms are extremely easy to care for, and I keep them outside for most the year. They don't stink, in fact they can have a good "earthy" smell. Great for composting!

I have one culture of microworms ready, this is just a starter, from this, you can get 100's of other cultures with time. It is best to have 3 going at all times.

I have 5 starter vinegar eel cultures too! These guys are amazing! They can last 6 months untouched! EXTREMELY EASY!

I only have TWO left! - 1 gallon size baggie full of mostly worms - $20ea+ shipping

ONE LEFT! - Microworm culture - $10+ Shipping
4 left! - Vinegar eel starter culture - $10ea+ shipping

Vinegar eels:


One of the redworms:

I ship on Mondays and Tuesday's only. I have a SINGLE cool pack, so if you want it, first come first served. Watch your weather, there are no guarantees. Shipping is FLATE rate! Shipping is $11.

**Google for care of cultures, or PM me when buying, everything is extremely easy, and I have left these cultures alone for a month without any trouble.

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