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All gone.
i might have a few more sets in the spring when my friend sends me another package. Will definitely have more stuff this summer when I'm traveling! Didn't expect the sets I had to sell so quickly.

Just got a package in from my friend in Asia. Was a late late Xmas care package.

I have quite a few extras.

10" wave scissors. Heavy good quality. Comes in a nice box. $20 each + $5 shipping

10" tweezers. Doesn't bend as bad as the eBay ones. $10 each +$3 shipping

I'll throw in a 12" media bag for your canister or oversized hob for each purchase. Got a 5 pack and will probably end up using one or two. Makes cleaning so easy.

buy both for $35 shipped

shipping via 2 day priority USPS tracked and insured.
I have 1 of each left
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