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Hello people of the planted tank,

MY LAST HUDOROI EVER. $35 takes it. 6 dollars to ship WYSIWG
This plant has a big rhizome. It used to 4 leaves on it. It now has 1 or two big leaves on it. GROWN SUBMERSED.


I now have a hefty amount of DHG (sp. Eleocharis belem) available. I am selling THICK 2in x 2in - 3in x 3in portions. I can assure you that these portions will contain more DHG than your LFS and online vendors. I have about 20 portions of 2x2-3x3 inches.

These are grown submersed.

I have had this carpet hacked away many times in the past 2 years. I've had it in 3 different tanks (high tech, medium, and lo techs, some tanks did not run co2 either) and they seem do do fine.

5 dollars for 1 portion, please PM me for inquiry. Shipping is 6 dollars for a small priority box. Please WATCH YOUR WEATHER.

I've had people request a certain tank that these come from to match the tank they will be growing in. If you would like to have it from a specific tank of mine, please let me know (i.e. low light no co2 / low light co2 / medium light no co2 / medium light co2 / high light co2 / high light no co2) I have all the combinations possible.

I also have a stem package I am wishing to sell. Please help me tear down my 60p! $35 + $6 6 for a small box, if you want a medium box it will be 10 dollars for shipping.
This package includes the following stems:
Most items are viewed in the picture below. The tank has grown out servely, the numbers are just a rough estimate of what you will be getting.
10x Alternanthera reineckii v. 'roseafolia'
10x Red Cabomba (Cabomba palaeformis)
10x Nesaeasp. 'Red Leaved'
7x Bacopa Carolina
a bush of stargrass
a mother plant of java fern
15-20x rotala macrandra (??? maybe.)
20x Rotala Rotundifolia
and a variety of crypts willisii, wentii, etc

You can also add e belem to this package and take 1 dollar off every portion of belem.


This is one of my many tanks that this is being grown in.

Please PM me for inquiry.

Best regards,

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LMAO--sorry just saw that in the description
had to scroll over-my page stopped at
25 nodes.

are these low light-no co2?
Yes they are. The more light you have, the shorter the plant will grow. Low lights will make the blades grow longer. This makes great for a foreground / mid-ground plant.

You sound interested! Let me help you :angel:.

You can review the plant here,
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