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All items sold. Thanks planted tank!

For sale. Just pulled from my tank this afternoon (Sunday). 12" ruler (~2" wide) for size comparison - there are a lot of plants here. Lowered prices.

  • 2 lots of java fern narrow leaf (let me know if you want the one with the ruler on top or on the bottom of the picture.) Close ups of both are to show leaf condition.
    • $35 each (sold)
  • 1 lot of M. quadrifolia - SOLD
    • $15
PM me with which lot(s) you are interested in.

Shipping is included. Assumes USPS Priority mail flat rate box. If you want more than 1 of the lots, deduct $5 from the price.

Check out my past trading if you want more info. I usually do a decent tank clipping and sell out large lots of stuff. People have always been pleased with the quality and quantity.

PM with any questions!!!

Tank details: flourite, EI dosing w/ peristaltic, 55Wx4 AH Supply, 75 gallons, XP3+Magnum 350. Some snails, GSA, various fish.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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