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$75 Takes it all. Local Pick up only. Not particularly inclined to part out, but if you want something in particular, make an offer. I WILL NOT SHIP THE FISH OR TANK.

I need to cut down on the number of aquariums I keep, so I am selling off my 15 Gallon (high) freshwater fully planted aquarium. This is plug and play, just needs the care that I have not been able to give it these past months. The plants have been recovering from a couple of months of low light due to old and burnt out bulbs of the wrong color range, and I am starting to see new growth. The fish are doing well, take particular not of the rare Mango Pleco. That fish alone sells for $35 in fish stores.

Aquarium: 15G High (20” long x 10” front to back x 18” tall)

1 Mango Pleco
3 Sparkling (Croaking) Gouramis
1 Spotted Rafael Catfish

Plants: (I think these are right, but please don't hole me to it, not 100% sure)
Anubias Barteri Petite
Anubias Barteri Nana (mounted/attached to drift wood)
Cryptocoryne Crispatula Balansae' X 2
Rotala or Ludwigia , not sure which or specific variant, a dozen stems
Java Moss, fist full and growing fast

Lots of drift wood, two much for this tank really, so you can pick the best pieces

25 pounds of mixed Fluorite & Eco Complete substrate

Zoomed 501 Canister Filter

50 Watt Heater

Hood with two light sockets, currently holding two 14watt 5500K spiral power compact bulbs

Fish food, fish medicine, Stress Coat, algae remover, extra bulb, and a few random implements included

As I said, this is a plug and play unit ready to take home. Bring a bucket or two, and a couple of jugs if you want to take all the RO water currently in the tank, and I will help you bag up the fish and plants.

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