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Finals are over! I can finally pay attention to my tanks. I had a huge blob of plants floating in my tank for almost a month. It took up the top 50% of a 75 gallon. This is most of it.

It is 75% Hornwort, 20% Anacharis, and 5% random stuff like Cabomba.

This picture doesn't do it justice, it is 3-5 inches deep in all areas. This is enough to make your own swamp monster costume or use as hair extensions.

BONUS: There will be snails or snail eggs somewhere in this shipment. Probably.
SUPER EXTRA BONUS: You will receive DUCKWEED at no extra cost to you!

I am asking for $10 plus $6 shipping for this package. I paid over $20 at Petsmart for 1/4 the amount plus it was half dead. I have cultivated these fine specimens under 3.5 wpg, CO2, EI dosing, and reading it romantic poems for a month. If you think this is overpriced I will gladly accept PMs telling me what an idiot I am.
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