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Everything is Sold, thanks for looking.

Just came back from vacation, and plants were taking over my tanks!

3 handfuls of glosso: $3 each sold
3 handfuls of HM aka pearlweed: $3 each sold
1 bunch Ludwigia palustris, nice plant, gold highlights on top of leaf, pink undersides: $3 sold

Sorry no pictures this time, my camera is with my luggage, most likely in NYC:icon_roll

I also have some contortion vals and a couple stems of H. difformis as add ins if anyone is interested. (also gone)

$5 for priority shipping regardless of order size. Please indicate payment method, non CC paypal prefered but not exclusive.

I have small ramshorn snails in my tanks, be warned.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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