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For sale, I have:

- 2 x Rhinox 2000-style glass diffusers. I do not believe these are the ones from Aquatic Magic, but they are the beetle-style ones. Similar to the ones here: eBay: Rhinox 2000 - Japanese Co2 diffuser for planted tank (item 250032953173 end time Jan-22-07 17:28:48 PST)
$15 each shipped - SOLD

- 1 x Spio III diffuser from Aquatic Magic. Here: eBay: Spio III Co2 diffuser - Aquarium planted tank (item 250069958421 end time Jan-11-07 12:03:26 PST)
$9 shipped - SOLD

- 1 x small glass diffuser. Good for a smaller or nano tank. No pictures, sorry!
$6 shipped - SOLD

I'll combine shipping on orders with multiple items.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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