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Colorful Awesome Plant Package​

I did a pretty big trim today and have a great package available for you today.

Stuarogyne Repens 25+ Stems
Bacopa Myriophylliodes 15+ Stems **1
Blyxa Japonica 2 Stems
Rotala Macrandra 20 Stems
Limnophilia Aromatica 12+ Stems (Amazing Color)
Myriophyullium Simulans "Filagree" 30 Stems
Pogostemon Helferi "Downoi" 4 Stems

This package is all yours for $40 shipped to your door. Monday - Wednesday shipping, priority flat rate. No heat/cool packs.

MY trim your gain:icon_smil!​

**1 I am not positive on this id, this is what it was sold to me as.
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