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Somebody on MFK recommended I post this here, so here I am, copying mostly word for word:

Selling a complete 20g long planted tank that currently houses a bunch of lillies and loaches.

Setup includes:

30'' "Dutch Planted" spectrum LED from Build My LED (, honestly too strong for this setup
HUGE (1g I think?) C02 setup, canister mostly full, with regulator, tubing, diffuser (pic below--too big for this setup really)
Eheim 2213 Canister filter, full of eheim substrat and ceramic rings
20g long deep blue tank
Black wooden stand/cabinet
a LOT of real, nice texas holey rock (covered in algae right now)
air bubbler with wooden airstones
bunch of plants, mostly red lillies
bunch of striped loaches, mostly golden botias
one terrified, lonely redhead tetra

See how big the CO2 is next to the canister filter? It's big. Used to be on my 220.

Anyway, asking $350 obo for the whole thing. Pretty sure the lights were at least that much with shipping, and the CO2 system was probably close itself.

ONLY looking to sell the WHOLE THING, don't care if you break it down after you buy it.

Accepting CASH or uh, Magic: the Gathering Online event tickets, ONLY.

Pick up ONLY in NYC, Lower East Side.
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