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I have 2 co2 post body kits for sale/trade. Both of these kits originated from Bettatail.

Post body kit #1 / SOLD
-clippard mouse solenoid
-smc as1200 needle valve
-will come fully assembled with 1/8" mnpt fitting on one end
-comes with 12v dc adapter

Post body kit #2 / $30 shipped priority
-same as above except it needs a 24v dc adapter which can be found on fleabay or amazon for around $5

I also think I have some random 10-32 fittings some where and will include them if I find them, free of charge. Will try to upload some pics tonight, or pm your email and I can get those pics asap.

Trades are welcome. We can do a partial cash/product to match value. Looking for:
Ludwigia Red
Rotala Indica(needs to be the one that has the roundish leaves instead of r. rotundifolia which is commonly mislabeled)
Exotic crypts(please no wendtii, already got lots)
Anubias nana petite
Rotala wallichii
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