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Traders: I am looking for CRS/CBS(preferably local on shrimp) and plants marbled anubias, moss(anchor, spikey, mini pellia), Lindernia Rotundifolia 'Variegated', Bucephalandras, Threadleaf Java Fern, etc.), Carnivorous Plants(especially Sarracenias), Orchids (all kinds considered!), SS mesh and RO equipment for trades. If you have anything else that you think will interest me please feel free to offer it!

Up for sale are some bundles and individual pieces of driftwood. All of these were collected by me at California beaches. I would definitely suggest that you boil them before putting them in your tank. They have been soaked before to the point of sinking but have since dried. I have tried different pieces I have collected from the same beach and after I boil them they do fine in my aquariums.
Here are individual pieces:
Driftwood 29.5*7*105- $30

I am also selling these pieces in bundles of various amounts depending on the sizes that you want. This will be enough to fill a large flat rate box. It will be $15 plus the flat rate shipping charges.

Here is the pile of wood with a water bottle as a crude size reference that I will be getting pieces from:

Nano Manzanita Twigs :

I have a Medium flat rate box full of manzanita twigs. These would be nice as accents or maybe even a full scape on a nano. $26 Shipped:

Manzanita Branches:
(pictured on two 20*30 pieces of board for reference)

M7: 11*3.5*5 - $3
M8: 11*3*5 - $4-sold-
M9: 10*2.5*4 - $4-sold-

M16: 21*4.5*10 - $12

M17: 24*6*12 - $13

M23: 34*14*22 - $25

M24: 30*25.5*11 - $30

M27: 29*6*12 - $20

M28: 52*14*15.5 - $45

M29: 12*10*20 - $10

M30: 25.5*4*4 - $6

M32: 32*20*23 - $50

M36 15.5*5*10 - $16

M37 22*19*19 - $18

M38 32*4.5*8 - $8

Subwassertang golf ball portion- $5

Unfortunately, I cannot be held responsible for any damage or mistakes done by the shipping company, however I have yet to have any problems!

Also I can take more pics or even videos of pieces if needed. Also feel free to pm me with any questions or concerns. Thanks and have a great day!
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