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Hey everyone! I really enjoy trading especially with locals because its great to get to know others in the area. In general I am looking for stems, moss, crypts, anubias, etc.

Some specific plants are as follows:
  • Lindernia Rotudifolia Varigieted
  • Ludwigia Repens
  • Ludwigia Red
  • Crypt Nurii ‘Pahang Mutated’
  • Hygrophylia Pinnatifida
  • Others will definitely be considered.

Other items include:
  • Carnivorous Plants(especially Sarracenias)
  • Orchids (all kinds considered!)
  • Terrarium Plants
  • yoyos (CLYW, YoyoFactory, YoyoJam, Onedrop)
  • Coral( zoas, mushrooms, euphyllias, etc.)
  • Saltwater Equipment (pumps, powerheads, rock, dosing stuff, media reactors, chemistry stuff, fragging equipment, gfo, test kits etc. I have a 25 gallon for reference. )
  • RO equipment for trades.
If you have anything else that you think will interest me please feel free to offer it!

I am also selling these pieces in bundles of various amounts depending on the sizes that you want. This will be enough to fill a large flat rate box. It will be only $10 plus the flat rate shipping charges. While not a branch as manzanita, this pieces are great to attach moss, buces, aunties, etc. If you do not want it to be shipped priority, I can give a quote for shipping in a regular box shipped via standard mail.

Here is the pile of wood with a water bottle as a crude size reference that I will be getting pieces from:

Nano Manzanita Twigs :

I have Medium flat rate boxes full of manzanita twigs similar to the one pictred. These would be nice as accents or maybe even a full scape on a nano. $26 Shipped:

Manzanita Branches:
(pictured on two 20*30 pieces of board for reference)

M23: 34*14*22 - $25

M24: 30*25.5*11 - $30

M32: 32*20*23 - $45

The following pieces I do not have dimensions on, but they are on the same 20"*30" background. I can get exact dimensions as needed:

M42 $35

M43 $35

M44 $22

M45 $40

M46 $40

Shipping for plants is always $6.50 for a small flat rate box. All moss comes on SS Mesh and are recently tied.

Subwassertang 2x2 on SS Mesh - $8
Calliciocostella sp pancuraji moss - $10
Corkscrew Vals 6+ inches tall - $1 each

Unfortunately, I cannot be held responsible for any damage or mistakes done by the shipping company, however I have yet to have any problems!

I am available most days out of the week, but the times vary per day.

Also I can take more pics or even videos of pieces if needed.

Also feel free to pm me with any questions or concerns. Thanks and have a great day!

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