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Hi All
Up for sale is a slighly used (but in excellent condition) Fisherbrand CO2 regulator that I kept for my planted tank setup, but decided to let it go and switched for a low tech because of my wife's worriesome with CO2 canister in the living room. :(
Specs are
Fisherbrand, Dual Stage Compressed Gas regulator
CG320, For Carbon Dioxide purpose
Product number: 10-572-1F
Max inlet: 3000 PSIg
Gauge 1 Max: 60 PSIg, Gauge 2 Max: 4000 PSIg

Asking 75$+ Shipped (

Here are some of leftover Osmocote Plus Capsules for my planted aquariums, and try to sell them for cheap price to get rid of them.
Capsules are double 'OO' size Vegeterian Caps, and safe for the planted aquarium.

Price including First Class shipping, and 3$ more for Priority Shipping by USPS.

25 counts - 5$
50 counts - 7$
75 counts - 9$
100 counts - 10$
150 counts - 12$
200 counts - 15$

Please PM me for any question, and I will ship them usually Mon, Tue and Wednesday.

Thanks! and Happy Holidays! :)
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