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Hi, and welcome to Frank's Aquarium. Below is a listing of some of the fish I currently have available. For more info, please contact me directly.
All fish are quarantined and treated before selling. I'll continue to ship as long as the weather holds.

Chinese Red Flash (Sarcocheilichthys parvus): $35.00 ea.
Here's a fish you don't usually see. I've got six of them in my own tank, and they are really one pretty fish, although their color is subtle. Reaches about 2.3" in length. A subtropical species, but seems to do well in temps reaching the mid 70's. Not a fussy feeder, and takes all types of food.

Ocelot Danio (Danio tinwini): $3.00 ea.
Reaching about 0.9" in length, this small Burmese Danio is perfect for small planted tanks. A schooling species, it's best kept in groups of six or more.

Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus): $4.50 ea.
Another Burmese species, perfect for the planted tank as in nature it inhabits permanently flooded grasslands that support the growth of Elodea, Egeria and Blyxa (to list a few). Reaches 0.8" in lenth. Best kept in small groups.

Zebra "Rasbora" (Danio erythromicron): $3.00 ea.
Yet another Burmese species that fits well in the planted tank. It is endemic to the Lake Inle basin. Due to the altitude of this lake, this fish will tolerate cooler water temps. Mine were at 55dF for six days, without any apparent ill effect. Best kept in groups of six or more. Sexually dimorphic.

Blue-banded Barb (Barbus fasciolatus): $5.00 ea.
An African species, hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Reaches about 2.5". It's a shy species, but wll show itself once comfortable with its surroundings.

Golden Checkered Barb (Pethia canius): $3.00 ea.
A northern India native, this barb does well in a planted tank, although it may pick on soft-leaved plants. Often misidentified as Pethia gelius, but there are enough differences in morphology and patterning to warrant keeping it as a distinct species.

Dwarf Gourami--WILD STOCK (Trichogaster lalius): $3.00 ea.
These aren't your father's dwarf gouramies...oh wait...yes they are! Dwarf gouramies as nature intended. No inbred pond-bred, color manipulated stock here. These are wild caught gouramies.

Harlequin Lancer Catfish (Bagroides melapterus): $70 ea.
Reaches about a foot in length. A really nicely marked lancer catfish.

Stiphodon atropurpureus: $60/pair
These are the real deal! Hailing from Taiwan, they will live in sub-tropical conditions. They inhabit clear streams and mainly feed on epiphyte and biofilm on rocks. Reaches about 2" in length. Good jumpers, so their tank must have a well-fitting top.

Peacock Gudgeon (Tateurndina ocellicauda): $10 ea.
These fish are captive bred in Indonesia.Reaches about 3". Peaceful, and tends not to bother tankmates.In nature, they form schools that hover over the bottom.

Stiphodon percnopterygionus: $45/pair
These fish are from Taiwan, and will live in sub-tropical conditions. They inhabit small, clear streams with rocky bottoms usually covered with dense mats or clumps of algae. Reaches about 1.5" in length. Good jumpers, so their tank must have a well-fitting top.

Sumatran Neon Red Goby (Stiphodon sp.): $10.00 ea.
A social goby that does well in small groups. Peaceful with other species.They inhabit clear streams and mainly feed on epiphyte and biofilm on rocks.

Sumatran Blue Neon Goby (Stiphodon simoni): $13.00 ea.
A wide-ranging species, these hail from Sumatra. They inhabit clear streams and mainly feed on epiphyte and biofilm on rocks.

Laetacara araguaiae
: $35/6
Usually imported as Laetacara sp "Buckelkopf"it has been formally described by Ortoni and Costa as Laetacara araguaiae. Reaches around 3". Peaceful twords like-sized tankmates. A very pretty dwarf cichlid.

Sparkling Pencilfish (Nannostomus nitidus): $20/6
This is a pencilfish you don't often see in the US hobby. Reaches about 1.5" in length. Does best in a heavily planted tank in groups of six or more.

Bumblebee Goby (Brachygobius nunus): $10/6
Reaches about an inch in length. Although it's found in bracking conditions in nature, it does equally well in full freshwater providing the pH doesn't drop too low. Does not appear to be nippy towards tankmates, but should be kept in groups of six or more. These fish are from India.

Mini Moth Catfish (Hara jerdoni): $4.00 ea.
What can I say? This is one cute catfish. Reaches 1.2" in length. Provide lots of hiding places. Even though it's a small fish, it's not a difficult feeder and will accept a good variety of prepared foods.

Corydoras loxosonus
-wild stock--Columbia: $5.00 ea.

Corydoras axelrodi-wild stock--Columbia: $5.00 ea.

Orange Laser Corydoras-Corydoras sp. CW010-wild stock: $25.00

San Juan Corydoras (Corydoras napoensis): $5.00 ea

Sterba's Corydoras (Corydoras sterbai): $5.00 ea

Corydoras venezuelanus: $5.00 ea.

Long-tailed Banjo Catfish (Platystacus cotylephorus): $35.00 ea.
This is one unusual banjo catfish, given it's long tail. Prefers a fine gravel or sand substrate as they like to burrow.Sexually dimorphic.Eating frozen bloodworms and Repashy gel, but will eat small fish.
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