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ALL SOLD OUT! Thanks for looking.

Hey all, currently consolidating tanks so some equipment is up for sale! Available for pick up in Brooklyn, 11219. All equipment is barely used/like new with the original boxes. Will consider trades, offers welcome but currently looking for seiryu stones, anubias nana/petite/star dust or blue velvet/blue rili shrimp in particular. Thanks for looking!

Eheim 2215 -$70 SOLD!!
Barely used, less than 3 months. I upgraded to a larger tank and eheim so this filter has brand new outflow equipment (new tubing, spray bar, suction cups, etc). Also comes with an additional 2217 impeller for an extra $15 so you can immediately upgrade the flow. Does include the ceramic filter media, I have it bagged inside the filter at the moment. Intake tube was modified to fit inside my 12 gallon long tank.

Finnex Fugeray LED 36" - $60 SOLD!!
Functions perfectly, kept it on for 6 hours a day on a timer.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ 48"-60" - $80 SOLD!!
Functions perfectly, was used on a timer.
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