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Hey guys! I am revamping my crystal tank. Going to try another tiger tank without the chance of Tibees so my crystals have to go

10 CRS package - S-SS grade - $40 per shrimp
-Juveniles and Adults

CRS SSS grade - $ 7 each (3 available)
- Juveniles to sub adults

10 CBS package S-SS grade - $40 per package
-juveniles to adults

CBS SSS grade - $7 per shrimp
-juveniles to adults

5 Golden/ Snow White package - $25
-juveniles to adults

Blue Bee shrimp (paracaridina) - $3 per shrimp (5 available)
- note: these shrimp are not naturally blue, but turn blue when they are stressed. Keep them in Crystal shrimp conditions

5 Tibees package (F1-F3) - $10

Royal Blue Tiger Culls - $6 each (10 available)
- I thought RBTs breed 98% true and maybe it could be my tank, food, or the brightness of my ADA Malaya substrate. However, I have found that they are breeding 60% RBTs/40% culls. I would like to keep my RBTs, but if you interested in some let me know. The culls look like blue OEBTs and who knows they may color up in your conditions.
- juveniles only

Royal Blue Tigers - $10 (5 available)

Local Pickup with Cash or paypal

Shipping is $12 USPS Priority mail for
No DOA guarantee but I'm willing to make something work :)
I have heat packs and cold packs available for $2 each


Taiwan Lily - $0.50 per stem
Myrio Mattogrossense - $0.50 per stem


Blue Bees

Royal Blue Tiger Culls



Golden/Snow White (my best looking Snow White others are not guaranteed to look like this)

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