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Co2 set sold. Only 48" Hagen glo and xp3 left.

I have posted this on Scape as well but I am offering it here for ship as well. Be aware that because of the 10# aluminum tank the box will be heavy and it will probably be expensive to ship. What I will do is charge $250 for the whole setup plus $40 for ship. If it ends up being less than this I will refund you the money along with a copy of the shipping total receipt to show you that I am only charging true cost of what it cost me to ship it.
So here is the setup: (SOLD)

-2 stage Concoa regulator
-#10 aluminum tank, I bought it brand new
-3x Fabco NV55
-6x total check valves made by Clippard. Actually, all the fittings are Clippard branded
-Clippard Solenoid which I have hooked up to a mechanical timer which I can throw in.
-3x JBJ Bubble counters. I have extra mineral oil which I can throw in.
-tubing, You can have all of it.
The 10# tank will have to be shipped empty because I believe you can't ship it otherwise.
If item does not sell here in exactly 7 days I will throw it on ebay and I will have to charge a bit more due to added ebay costs.

More pics if you request them. I was running 2 2213's as well as an xp3 off this setup with no problems at all.

The next item I would really like to sell locally because I can't think of a box I would have to find to put this in or if it would even be cost effective due to the price of the ship for the buyer.
Hagen Glo 48" 2 bulb setup w/ Giesemmen bulbs. Hang equipment included. $120

Lastly, 1x XP3 $80+$20 ship.

Edit: Sry, i forgot to mention my 55g tank as well. This is obviously a local pick up item as well.

The tank itself is a standard 55g footprint. I have a 3D background which is a 3 pc set. Also, there is manzanita wood siliconed to the bottom of the tank on the left side. Lastly, it has 3 bags of 9L aquasoil which is about a 4" layer or so. I would have to sell the stand and canopy with it as well. It also has 2 box fans which are about 6" each. Both have switches and long cords. Please be aware that this was a DIY stand/canopy but i used the best material i could find at home depot and i took my time making them. It isn't perfect but the picture's represent how it looks. The tank itself also has DIY moonlights which is a strip of Blue LED's.

This is what I paid when I was making this whole setup
Tank: I bought the tank on it's own from Petco for $250, I know, i got ripped off but that's what I paid.
stand/canopy: close to $150 on materials
manzanita wood:$100, to be fair I originally had two pieces but I used the smaller piece for another tank. So I spent roughly $600. I will sell everything as it is for $350 OBO
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