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Bought this tank and stand setup from Angelo aka outlawboss last spring and never set it up and plan to do so isn't going to happen. I've been acquiring stuff along the way so this is a complete setup. Some items are brand new. Only thing you'll need is a CO2 regulator, if you plan to run CO2. I do have a 5lb aluminum tank made by Luxfer.

36" frameless bookshelf tank, not sure of brand with mat
IKEA cabinet stand in very nice shape, holes in back and top for power cords and hoses. A couple places where trim can be reglued, see pics
36" Finnex Ray 2
Eheim 2215, quick disconnects, tubing, media
Hydor inline, brand new
ADA aquasoil, lg bag, also brand new
CO2 reactor, custom and mounted in stand
Power strip, mounted in stand
5lb co2 tank
Glass pipes
Misc, inc thermometer, some chemicals etc. $325
NOTE- ATO inside cabinet in ziploc bag is not inc.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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