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FS: Complete pressurized setup 29G with Stand (Queens)

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** Thread updated with individual and package prices. Please scroll down! **

Hello All -

I am looking to sell my complete setup which is a 29 Gallon with black stand. I am asking $400.00 for everything.

I added all the pics to a gallery on photobucket. Here's the link:

It consists of the following AND many extras:

- 5lb. Co2 tank (Just filled on 11/23/12!)
- Professional industrial pressure regulator
- Red Sea solenoid
- Red Sea needle valve
- Co2 Drop checker
- Eheim 2213 with upgraded (in and out tubes - eheim black - see pics)
- Eheim Filter media and extra tubing (green - replaced with premium)
- Extra Eheim stuff (Misc. 2215 parts - no container)
- Koralia Powerhead
- Milwaukee SMS 122 PH Controller with new probe
- PH Calibration solution
- Digital timer
- Atomizer (NEW)
- Rex Grigg reactor
- LifeGard Aquatics Aquastep UV Sterilizer
- Marineland Pro Emperor 280 (Brand NEW in box)
- Substrate (Eco Complete and Seachem Fluorite)
- API Freshwater Master Test Kit
- API GH and KH Test Kit
- API Algaefix, Stress Coat
- Nitrazorb, Chemipure (one in eheim 2213 and other on hanging filter)
- Flourish (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium - all almost new)
- Pfertz fertilizers (About half bottle on all - see pics)
- Food Galore (Repashy, Spectrum, Tubifex, Brine Shrimp, Nutrafin, Wafers)
- Scaping tools (Stainless steel - see pics)
- Eheim Quick Vac Pro - Used once!
- Nutrafin Co2 System (For emergencies)
- Lee's Syphon Vac (Ultra)
- 3 or 4 pieces of driftwood not in pictures.

Flora (don't know them all, please excuse me!)
- HUGE Java fern on the left
- Anubias
- Java Moss on several cichlid stones
- Sunset Hygro
- Crypts
- Cyperus helferi
- Tiger Lotus (center)
- Frogbit / Water lettuce (floaters)

- Dario Dario (4-5 - you won't find these guys at your local LFS!)
- Red Cherry Shrimp (8+ - Saw female with eggs today!)
- Amano Shrimp (3 very large and healthy!)
- 6+ Celestial Danio
- 10+ Dwarf Croaking Gourami
- 7 Harlequin Rasbora
- 4 Cardinal Tetra
- 5 Assassin snails

I'm sure that there is more that I am missing. I have stuff in the garage too. I will need to go out there and take pics of all that and add it all here but this is obviously a very complete system + more at a great price.

You will get everything I have - I promise you that.

I added all the pics to a gallery on photobucket. Here's the link:

I will be adding more pictures of the stuff in the garage and will use my camera (not my cell phone as I did for these pics).

Thanks for looking!
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I am Interested in co2.

You may be able to part the tank and make more than what you're seeking.

First step is to sell off your livestock and plants

Second step to part out that equipment.

Tank with stand hood and lamp is an easy sell for $100.00

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