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FS: Complete pressurized setup 29G with Stand (Queens)

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** Thread updated with individual and package prices. Please scroll down! **

Hello All -

I am looking to sell my complete setup which is a 29 Gallon with black stand. I am asking $400.00 for everything.

I added all the pics to a gallery on photobucket. Here's the link:

It consists of the following AND many extras:

- 5lb. Co2 tank (Just filled on 11/23/12!)
- Professional industrial pressure regulator
- Red Sea solenoid
- Red Sea needle valve
- Co2 Drop checker
- Eheim 2213 with upgraded (in and out tubes - eheim black - see pics)
- Eheim Filter media and extra tubing (green - replaced with premium)
- Extra Eheim stuff (Misc. 2215 parts - no container)
- Koralia Powerhead
- Milwaukee SMS 122 PH Controller with new probe
- PH Calibration solution
- Digital timer
- Atomizer (NEW)
- Rex Grigg reactor
- LifeGard Aquatics Aquastep UV Sterilizer
- Marineland Pro Emperor 280 (Brand NEW in box)
- Substrate (Eco Complete and Seachem Fluorite)
- API Freshwater Master Test Kit
- API GH and KH Test Kit
- API Algaefix, Stress Coat
- Nitrazorb, Chemipure (one in eheim 2213 and other on hanging filter)
- Flourish (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium - all almost new)
- Pfertz fertilizers (About half bottle on all - see pics)
- Food Galore (Repashy, Spectrum, Tubifex, Brine Shrimp, Nutrafin, Wafers)
- Scaping tools (Stainless steel - see pics)
- Eheim Quick Vac Pro - Used once!
- Nutrafin Co2 System (For emergencies)
- Lee's Syphon Vac (Ultra)
- 3 or 4 pieces of driftwood not in pictures.

Flora (don't know them all, please excuse me!)
- HUGE Java fern on the left
- Anubias
- Java Moss on several cichlid stones
- Sunset Hygro
- Crypts
- Cyperus helferi
- Tiger Lotus (center)
- Frogbit / Water lettuce (floaters)

- Dario Dario (4-5 - you won't find these guys at your local LFS!)
- Red Cherry Shrimp (8+ - Saw female with eggs today!)
- Amano Shrimp (3 very large and healthy!)
- 6+ Celestial Danio
- 10+ Dwarf Croaking Gourami
- 7 Harlequin Rasbora
- 4 Cardinal Tetra
- 5 Assassin snails

I'm sure that there is more that I am missing. I have stuff in the garage too. I will need to go out there and take pics of all that and add it all here but this is obviously a very complete system + more at a great price.

You will get everything I have - I promise you that.

I added all the pics to a gallery on photobucket. Here's the link:

I will be adding more pictures of the stuff in the garage and will use my camera (not my cell phone as I did for these pics).

Thanks for looking!
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