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FS - Complete ADA Set-Up [18gal] EstablishedTank [under 50% off] Honolulu, HI PU Only

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"Complete ADA Set-Up 60p [18gal] Established Planted Tank"


Tank is mint condition, no scratch nor hard water build up.

Less than six months old.

Reason for Selling:
Other interests


- 26.4 lbs of Fluval plant stratum
- 20lbs of ADA Seiryu stones.
- foreground micro-sword plants from dsm

JKS 24" T5 HO 6x 24w Life-Glo bulb fixture w/leg (clear) stands [including 5 T5 HO 10k default bulbs]

$225 for fixture
$120 for the 6 Life-Glo bulbs
20lb CO2 tank (Still full!!)

ADA AIC-152 CO2 (pro) single gauge (solenoid never heats up like old style regulators)

Eheim 2213 canister filter (All ceramic, an ceramic balls and pads)

Glass bubble counter
Glass large CO2 diffuser
Glass ADA lid with rim hook stands
Paid over $1300 for this setup CO2/planting materials, stem, and additional foreground plants.

Asking: [Not to be mean but...window shoppers, lowballers, flakers, don't bother wasting anymore of my time, no more interviews; state date/pick up time, and take the set]
$600 firm (already below 50% purchase price)

Call between 9a-8p [text only after 8pm] & leave a message if I miss your call.
(808) 342-5486

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