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I'm moving on from this style of aquascape and so I wanted to sell these two handmade bonsai trees I bought awhile ago. One is predominantly covered in emersed Ludwigia sp. red (or palustris) and submerged R. macrandra, while the other is primarily covered in moss (supposed to be Christmas moss), R. indica 'green', and L. sp. red.

I'm in Gainesville. $35 for each tree. I currently have them in a UNS60S but there are also pics of them in a Mr. Aqua 7.5 where you can actually see the wood and get a sense of scale.

PM for more pics, or go to my photo albums ('Bonsai Trees') on my account on here. Neither of these pictures are very recent; as of now, the tank is essentially a pond with the amount of emersed growth. But to see that, go to my albums as I have reached the allotted attachment size.


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