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UHere's what I currently have for sale:
Christmas Moss 5$/golfball 1 available, mixed with a bit of fissidens.
Crypts(10-15 leaves),Ferns,
Got some java fern 1$/inch. :)
Cryptocoryne Lutea x Walkeri
Got a big mama plant for sale! 7+" with 3-6 runners. 30-40+ leaves. :) 20$ shipped cuz it took this long to get to this size and just cuz of the size of the plant.

Fabco 55-18 Needle valve 30$+shipping sold
JBJ style bubble counter 11$+shipping

Shipping is 7$ in a small flat rate box(2-3days)
Please send payment via paypal within 12 hours of me stating that they are available.
I can ship on Saturday and Mondays due to school. :)
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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