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FS: BD shrimp and 55 & 75 gallon tank/stand/light/hood bundle

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Hi all, I have for sale a 55 & 75 gallon tank/stand/light/hood bundle. The 55 gal is painted in the back and it comes with stand and 108 watt oddysea lights and tank lid. Lights are only about 4 months used.
I am asking for $150 for the 55 gal setup and $200 for the 75 gal setup
Local pickup only in Bayside, Queens.

55 gal set up

75 gal set up

Also have some BD shrimp for $5 each. Just know that these shrimp do not breed true and may throw colors such as black, red, and brown.
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Can you tell me the dimensions on both tanks please. Also am I getting this correct the bare 75G is $200? And 55 with stand, light, cover is 150? And filters? If possible, due you know tank manufacturer? ThNks!


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The 75 gal is 48x25x12.5
The 55 gal is 48x 20 3/4 x12.5

No filter comes with them and I do not know the tank manufacturers but they look like standard tanks to me. And the 75 gal is a setup as well with lights hood and stand
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