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My friend who's suppose to be taking care of my fishies isn't going to be able to do so anymore.
Unfortunately, I'll be gone for awhile, so might as well get rid of my fishies & equipments too.

Aquariums pick up only in Guttenberg, NJ (near Newark) .. so for those in Triborough area.
Other equipments, such as heaters, filters, & foods can be shipped (I don't know what the shipping cost would be, depending on destination).
If buying a combo of tank & filter/heater, pick up only please.

*10g with hood & light $20
*17.8 cm / 7 inches 25w Hydor heater (came with the 10g, but can be used for tank size up to 15g) $5

Buy 10g (with hood & light) PLUS the 25w Hydor heater for only $20 :icon_surp

*29g with hood & light $35
Currently houses some fish, which have to be sold first before the 29g can be sold.
*Penguin BioWheel 150 (150g/hour for tanks up to 30g) $15
but the magnet on the motor has to be replaced, other than that it's in good condition

Buy 29g (with hood & light) PLUS the BioWheel 150 for only $45 :icon_surp

*Assortment of foods, including 82grams Hikari Algae Wafers, Hikari First Bites, a set of 4 Top Fin 3 day feeders, Nutrafin Max combo of flakes & tubifex worms, & some dried tubifex worms (can't remember the brand, but it's in a small orange cylinder) all for $7
*Black-finish wrought iron aquarium stand $15 good condition, with some black paints wearing off
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