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FS and WTB - Xpost

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I'm re-posting these here because RI is pretty much MA JR.

I'm selling a 20H + stand, Peacock Gudgeons and Assassin Snails here:

And Looking for 10gal & 15gal tanks here:

Eta: I also have a 10g bunk stand for sale

Thanks guys.
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Doing a rack setup?
You haven't seen it? Her rack is awesome!
You haven't seen it? Her rack is awesome!
O..o do tell

Ha. I apparently love to post photos of my rack online.

Wood Plant Rectangle Shelf Display case

You can see the 40b rack to the right, behind the 20h
Light Camera lens Lens Cameras & optics Mirror
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Racks, are always nice, very nice...
Hehe. That's funny Olive. Bump for you.


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