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FS - ADA Tank, ADA substrate, lights, regulators, etc

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Trying to sell what's left after I took my tank down. Also, items I had been collecting for new set ups. Some are brand new/never used.
Priced to sell.
Pick up is in Port Chester, NY 10573

New ADA tank - 60 P + 2 bags ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia (3&9 Liters) $150 SOLD

New Cal Aqua Lab Lily Pipes - I believe is the 13 mm type - $40 SOLD

New ADA 36W Twin Lamp Bulbs - Set of two - $25 SOLD

C02 Aluminum Tanks - 5 $ 10 Lb - 5lb $35 / 10lb $40 SOLD
These may need to be tested

C02 Regulator w/ needle valve - $35 SOLD

C02 Regulator - $30 SOLD

Coralife Light Fixtures - 2 36in - 96W - $25 each
24in - 65W (needs new bulb) - $20

Coralife light Fixture - 20in - 28W - Light flickers, needs new ballast. You get also 50/50 bulb - $15 SOLD

PYTHON Gravel Vac. - 25ft - $25 SOLD

Hydor ETH 200 in-line heaters - $25 each SOLD

Coralife Turbo Twist UV sterilizer 9W - Used for about a year - $25 SOLD

Aquamedic UV sterilizer 9W - Never used it. I was told used for less than a year - $25 SOLD

ZooMed 501 Canister Filter - $15 SOLD

Eheim 2213 Canister Filter - $15 SOLD
Works just fine except one of the little flaps that attach the top to the bottom is broken.

Aquaclear 50 (formerly 200) - $15 each SOLD

Home made reactors - Two on the right aren't actually glued/put together. Don't know if these kind of reactors are still being used. They worked pretty good for me till I took down my tank. $10 each

Bubble Counters - $5 each SOLD

Assortment of Driftwood/Manzanita - 3 types here - $15 each (the pile to the right count as one)
Third pile to the right SOLD

Assortment Rocks/Stones - 4 types - $15 each - Second from the left - SOLD

PM me or post here if interested.

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What needs to be done for the CO2 tanks? Just a testing?
So the Ehiem.... The broken flap doesn't effect the performance? Like I could legit duct tape it and it would be fine? I might be interested.
Very nice guy. Picked up several items from him today, very happy with the purchase! Even got a couple of free frags of coral for one of my reef tanks.

You should probably update the post that the drift wood and one of the groups of rocks were sold... Going to start soaking the wood now!

Best and thanks,

It was great meeting you also, Alfred.

Forgot about the rocks and driftwood.
Take the three coralife light fixtures for $50
What's left of rocks - $20
What's left of driftwood/manzanita - $20
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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