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Last offer because I am moving soon. Price is FIRM.

This is an ADA 90p which is a 48 Gallon Low Iron (Starphire) glass rimless aquarium. 1 corner has a small chip as you can see in picture which happened the very first night I got it because I did not use a aquarium mat and the aquarium was sitting on a screw from the stand. The weight of the water caused a small chip. Since the glass is so thick, the chip never affected the tank. I have been using it for almost 1 year and still using it until it's sold...

This will come with about 2 inches filled ADA Amazonia Soil Substrate which is 3 x 9l bags.

Also including a Deep Blue Professional matching stand in perfect condition! Looks like new. Has 3 doors.

I spent over $1000 for this setup.

This tank alone would cost over 700 with tax and delivery.

You must have a truck or van to pick this up. Cash and carry.

$420 FOR ALL......


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