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I'm moving cross-country and haven't touched my tank in awhile so I'm selling all my aquarium gear. I tore down so it is ready to go. Selling items individually since there is interest.

ADA Cube Garden 60P $80
Cabinet used as tank stand (free with tank)
Eheim 2215 sold
Eheim ECCO 2232 -sold
Coralife 2x24w 24" T5HO light fixture $40
Aquaticlife 2x24w 24" T5HO light fixture $40
paintball CO2 setup with 3 canisters, DIY inline CO2 reactor, GLA atomic diffuser -sold

Items below are free with a purchase:
GLA fertilizers
large cooler with aquarium accessories (drop checker, water testing kits, extra air pumps, tubing, more)
driftwood with java moss

Pickup in Upper East Side.


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light fixtures and the ECCO 2232~~?$
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