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I have a black Jebo / ODYSSEA compact fluorescent 48", 260 Watt, 2 fans, LED 'nightlight' setup to get rid of. Short story is I ordered one off E-bay, it got banged around by UPS, and a claim was filed. I got new parts to fix the banged up one, but also was sent a brand new unit a few weeks later. I don't need 2! The brand new, unblemished one is for sale and has been sitting in a box for about a month. Check the link below to see exactly what I got and how much I spent. It comes with the bulbs, an acrylic lens, and two legs/stands. (rises about 6 inches off the tank). It came with 2 12,000K lights and 2 Actinic bulbs (yes, worthless to plants). I did buy some 6500 bulbs to that fit, and have 2 left and will see those for $16 (total for 2 bulbs).

I figure $60 is fair - roughly half of what I paid. If you want the 2 6500 bulbs too, make it $75.

The only catch is I don't want to ship the thing. I live just south of Sacramento, CA (in Elk Grove), and would even be willing to meet you in Sac on a weekend.

Steve Vaughn - Teesherv
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