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32 gallon Mr. Aqua low-iron (high clarity) glass rimless aquarium. 60cm x 45cm x 45cm (24" x 18" x 18"). 8mm thick glass with very well done silicone on the edges. This tank is gorgeous. The clarity of the glass is wonderful. Completely NEW -- never used.

This tank retails for $350. Our plans have changed and we cannot up this tank as planned. We are asking $200. A significant savings already, but it also comes with some extras items:

  • Mr. Aqua foam tank mat for underneath the aquarium (MSRP: $11.00)
  • ADA "Cube Garden" hook -- these are stainless steel clips for a lid on 8mm glass tanks (MSRP: $15)
  • An extra "tank" with one side, 45cm x 45cm, that broke during shipping -- your local glass shop could either fit a new side panel (for a complete second tank!) or you could use the panels to make a glass top for the primary tank.

We also have several other hardware components that we originally purchased for this tank, but now have no need for. These are all NIB, never used, and available for purchase with the tank or separate from it:

1 Twinstar 600S LED light (MSRP: $229) with metal legs -- asking $165. This comes with an extra external controller to let you program the day cycle and lighting level (MSRP $20) with the cord adapter to let you plug the light into the controller (MSRP: $5).

1 Greenleaf Aquarium PRO DS (dual-stage) CO2 Regulator (MSRP: $295) -- asking $205. This unit has never been used, brand new in box. And it comes with the adapter for paintball tanks (an extra $15 value, from This also comes with 10 feet of clear CO2 resistant tubing (MSRP: $10), an atomic check valve (MSRP: $14.99), and a double-ended stainless steel spring brush cleaner (MSRP: $12.99). SOLD

1 VIV Glass Orchid Outflow Pipe (MSRP: $37) -- asking $15. Gorgeous "lily" pipe in the orchid style. SOLD

1 Neo Diffuser Special - Large (MSRP: $15) -- asking $8. The best CO2 diffuser made. SOLD

1 Neo Diffuser Special Extended - Large (MSRP: $23) -- asking $11. The best CO2 diffuser but with a customizable depth so you can put it at the PERFECT spot in your tank to ensure the best flow dispersion of your CO2. SOLD

1 Bulk Reef Supply Titanium 100W Heater Element + baylite external temperature regulator (MSRP: $45.99 + $28.99) -- asking $35.00.

20 lbs (approx.) of Dragon Stone -- $15. This is includes some very nice larger pieces. SOLD

Happy to provide images, if requested, but honestly everything is brand new, unused. Except for the tank, which is sitting on our dining room table after being taken out of its shipping box, and the rocks, which are in a cardboard box, it's all still in its retail packaging.

I'm brand new on The Planted Tank, but I'm a mature (sadly, almost 50 yo now!) professional just looking to recoup some of the cost of this stuff since we won't be needing it. You won't be disappointed with any of these items.

The tank will be sold for pick-up only (i.e., in-person -- cash). The other items, I can ship, but shipping will be extra. In person transactions preferred. A "I'll take it all" sale will receive an extra discount.

We are located just a few Metro-North stops outside of NYC, near a train station. Quite convenient.
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