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Pick up only SoCal near Northridge

I have sadly decided to sell my angels :( my discus are getting big and I don't have room to keep them all anymore.

I have 3 pairs and 1 extra male (99% positive its a male that never got to pair cause he was the smaller of the group and didn't get a girl when they were competing for dominance)

Male Gold x Marble Female
Male Gold x Gold Female
Male Gold x Silver Wild Female
Male Gold x nothing

They all spawn consistently in the community tank and breeding tank, but the community tank eggs get eaten over night. The longest so far I was able to get them self raise and to keep their babies alive and safe was about 8 days then they ate them in the breeding tank i have setup (marble x gold pair). The other 2 pairs aren't that great yet, but they probably just need more practice.

You can easily artificially raise the fry yourself though, and these pairs are young and ready to breed. They started making pairs around april/may of this year, and i raised them from young quarter size babies.

$55 Marble x Gold (best chance at self raising see the video link below)
$45 gold x gold and silver x gold (havent had best of luck self raising with these)
$10 for the lone male


Marble x Gold pair

Gold x Gold pair

Silver x Gold pair (couldnt find one of them together during the last spawn but i had the picture of the female laying while the male was chasing off other fish)

Lone Gold Male
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