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im breaking down 2 tanks to make room.
I have the following for sale:
(local pickup for tank and stands, will ship filters or lights at your expense)
thanks for looking, happy holidays!

90 Gallon Visio Glass aquarium - (36" X 24" X 24") great condition, still under manufacturers warranty. trim is originally light wood, but it is currently painted black (can easily be removed). comes with black stand. $90

36" Aqualight Power Compact Fixture - (2 X 96watts) this unit also has 2 built-in LED lunar lights. I am missing the power adapter that goes to the LED lights, the lunar light may need to be replaced, also, the unit needs one bulb to be replaced. The other bulb is approx 6 mos. old, it is a coralife 6700k bulb. $55

Eheim 2217 - great condition, approx 1 1/2 years old, comes with media. $80

Pick-up 90g tank/stand/eheim 2217 filter/coralife 36" all for

29 Gallon standard Glass Aquarium - (30" X 12" X 18") great condition, comes with black Petsmart stand. $50

JBJ Formosa Power Compact Lighting 30" - also in Great condition. $80

Eheim 2213 -good working condition, comes with media $60

Pick-up 29g tank/stand/eheim 2213/30" jbj light all for $180

i will be posting pics tomorrow night. live stockfor the 29g needs to be re-homed before pick up, unless you want them. (has 6-7 asian rummynose, 3-4 celectial pearl danios, and 4 or so erythromicron.)
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