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I have for sale a glass 10 gallon tank, an accompanying wood stand equipped with one door, and attached light fixture. Holds water, no cracks.

The stand is open in the back but divided by the light fixture pole. Stand has a star and some lines carved into right below the the tank on the left-front side. I bought this tank used from a kid.

The fixture is two screw-in type fixtures for compact fluorescent bulbs. Each head of the fixture pivots 360 degrees. Both heads are adjustable along the main stem of the fixture by a compression key, turned by hand.
$50 OBO; PM if you have questions

This is the tank I used to have a Central Florida Biotype setup in.
This is sort of what it looked like when I took it down. This was grown using screw in bulbs from Home Depot in the fixture I described above.
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