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fry safe filter--organza bag?

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Wondering if I can make my filter intake safe for fry by putting an organza gift bag on it? You know--these: I used one with fish food in it when initially cycling so I know the dye doesn't run or anything.
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They will clog very quickly but otherwise should work. For temporary use with fry, I go the simple route. I rubber band wedding veil net over the intake so that it is easy to remove. A sponge over the intake also works really well and doesn't clog as quickly. A sponge for an Aqua- clear and cut a slit to fit works for me.
The bag you linked is a good idea, if you have one around, but as plantedrich says that fine a material will clog fast.

The sponge can also grow microorganisms that fry can pick at between meals, so that is the way I would go. Also, the bulk of the sponge keeps the fry away from the strongest intake of the water, so they are not going to get stuck against the intake.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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